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WebAka [WA GAMES] — a startup company, created by a group of ambitious and initiative people, who chose creation of logical, casual and educational games in the mobile development.

The founders of the company have an experience (including in education) which helps to create unusual and absolutely unique mobile products, which help to development personality.

The virtual game spaces have very important things a development of mental abilities, erudition and savvy. These things allow to open new unlimited opportunities for «comfortable free time».

Our company creates the mobile games which are the modern training tools. These games are capable to influence delicately and to inform precisely the important information, without «noise».

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Educational game application - Feed the monsters

English for kids!


Feed the monsters

Category: game educational
Target: kids, 3+

«Feed the monsters. English for kids» is the mobile application for teaching English in a game form. It is also helping the child to know new words.

The teaching of foreign or native languages is in natural way. There are different pictures, actions wich is followed by the corresponding speech. People learn the native language in this way: parents talk to each other and the child observes, and remembers words and phrases, and when we need to use them.

The game form helps the child to concentrate as much as possible on the mobile application and enhances memorable effect. Children have an excellent memory and they like to repeat everything, maybe after several lessons you will hear the first English words from your child.

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