English for kids!


Feed the monsters

Game educational
Learning an English language is now child's play!

«Feed the monsters. English for kids» is the mobile application for teaching English in a game form. It is also helping the child to know new words.

Rules of the game

There is one of the amusing monsters who wants to eat and he needs to be fed. The offscreen voice says in English what the monster of the game wants to eat. The child must find this product (vegetable, fruit or something other) and feed the monster. If there is something incorrect, the child will get the information which helps him or her. The child can chose the monster, which he or she likes. The first levels have visual clues. Then the level get harder.

Targets and objectives of the game

The teaching of foreign or native languages is in natural way. There are different pictures, actions wich is followed by the corresponding speech. People learn the native language in this way: parents talk to each other and the child observes, and remembers words and phrases, and when we need to use them. The game form helps the child to concentrate as much as possible on the mobile application and enhances memorable effect. Playing «English for kids! Feed the monsters» your child will know how to pronounce English words (e.g. vegetables, fruits, berries etc.) and learn the phrases «My name is ...» and «he wants ...»

Children have an excellent memory and they like to repeat everything, maybe after several lessons you will hear the first English words from your child.

Language coverage

Tips are available to users in the following languages:

  • english;
  • russian;
  • german;
  • spanish.
We pay attention

For correct operation of the game based on Android platform, it is necessary that your device was installed Google speech synthesizer (Google TTS). If this component is absence in the operating system Android — download and install it.

Additional information
The current stable version:v1.1.11
Last update:April 19, 2018
Application size:~10 Mb
Minimal requirements:Android 2.3
Age limits:3+
Ad. inApp:not (and will not)
Content for sale:yes

The main characters of the game:


Gender: male
Character: mysterious

A few words about Jubah

Jubah is the mysterious monster. He is not inclined to hard work, there all things are easy for him. He likes to speak in riddles, laconic, unhurried. He is independent and impregnable, but it is necessary to win this confidence and you will know that he is a very kind and gentle monster. He is very loyal.

They will help you learn new English words!


He is not a picky eater


He loves vegetables, fruits, berries


She loves vegetables, fruits, and especially berries


He loves fruits and berries


He likes to eat his heart's content

Versions and changes in the application:

Updates in version v1.1.11 [Android] from 04/19/2018
  • Fixed minor bugs.
Updates in version v1.1.10 [Android] from 05/29/2017
  • Optimized application code. Fixed some bugs.
  • Application is adapted for flagship Android-smartphones with non-standard displays.
Updates in version v1.1.9 [Android] from 12/19/2016
  • Optimized application code. Fixed some bugs.
Updates in version v1.1.8 [Android] from 02/06/2016
  • Now the application adjusts the refresh rate of the screen when the device battery is low. This reduces the power consumption and prolong the operation of the device without recharging.
Updates in version v1.1.6 [Android] from 01/01/2016
  • Added Spanish. Now spanish speaking users can learn English.
  • Fixed some bugs.
Updates in version v1.1.4 [Android] from 12/14/2015
  • Improved visual design and application interface.
  • Optimized application code.
  • Fixed some bugs.
Updates in version v1.1 [Android] from 12/08/2015
  • Now you can pet monster to find out what it wants.
  • Added German. Now german speaking users can learn English.
  • Added music. Feed the monsters and learn English has become much more fun!
  • Redesigned and improved navigation. See help by location or quickly change the monster has become even easier!
  • Updated design applications and user interface.